Saturday, May 6, 2017

Moving Out. (i)

Tell me, when was the last time you felt terrified? I mean, do you even consider of leaving your comfort zone behind? I don't know, but for me, I find how the thoughts of me moving out from this "messy yet comfortable" room still terrified me. I still find it unacceptable. I know that it might sound way too unnecessary, that you had to move out from your dorm room after all those college years you spent for almost 4 years already. I mean, look at those years? Didn't it scare you enough?

Well, I know that soon when I hit my senior year I would move out from this dorm room because once you're graduated, you're done with all those college-related stuff, right. It just startled me enough to know that the time is coming nearer every time, and that the time already hit me even if I still got days before the due date - of me moving out. Its just that this has never scare me enough that I find myself can't stop thinking about it. How'd I find my new "temporary" dorm room? How'd I adapt to my new room? How'd I overcome all this anxiety of me leaving my very comfort room that I already built (for comfort) for years? How'd I even survive the rest of my senior year living there? How'd I? The idea of leaving comfort zone, and again adapting are just somehow beyond scary.The idea of adapting the new way of living alone is indeed, terrifying.

It has never sounded like a big deal, but why could not I just stop think about it for a bit and just do, right? Okay, I know this will sound dumb, but honestly I still got no idea of how would I be moving out (including how would I pack all these stuffs I've collected for these past several years already)? I have never really moved out all by myself with so much stuffs to carry before. The thought of carrying these mess(es) around is just messy enough to imagine.

Just please, wish me a great luck! Tomorrow I'll meet the dorm-informant to help me seek out for my new dorm room. I will not be moving far, its just that I have never really imagine it clearly - the thoughts of me moving (and again - with so much things to carry, pft). Just then, I hope soon enough I'll found the dorm room that will be quite enough of my preference, and may all the step of moving will be smooth enough to pass on. And more importantly that I hope my new dorm room would support me to finish my final project, Amin amin ya rabbal alamiiin.. :'')

Written by my old and anxious little self, El.
May, 06 2017.

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